Inspiration path

To get started, listen to the following introduction or read the text below. Please note that all audio content is only available in German.

Welcome to Chrischona Berg. It’s nice to have you visit on the mountain.

Embark on a little journey.

The 6 stations of the Inspiration Trail will take you to the most beautiful places on Chrischona Mountain and invite you to be fully present in the moment, gain new focus and return to your everyday life with renewed energy and perspective.

At each station you will find a sign that introduces you to the topic at hand. Scan the QR code printed on it with your smartphone to open the content of the station. For the best experience, we recommend using headphones. So you can enjoy the music or the spoken word undisturbed.

At the end of each retrieved content, you can access the inspiration path situation map. In addition, signage leads in the right direction to the next station.

We wish you an inspiring time!

The first station is located at the pavillion of the garden. To do this, walk around the playground and follow the path upwards.