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Event Location with Unique Character

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Event Location with Unique Character

Are you planning an event and look for a suitable location? Then take a look at our event location near the beautiful city of Basel! We offer you space, charm and atmosphere for your event. At our location in the Swiss cosmopolitan city of Basel, we do our best every day to offer you the perfect setting for your event.

Our location has a very special character: no matter if birthday, wedding, concert, creative workshop, exhibition, Christmas party, company event or conference. - our premises adapt ideally and flexibly to any occasion. Our spaces are aesthetic and equipped with the latest technology. Our team is always on the pulse of the event world. And best of all: With our catering service, the entire planning of the catering is done for you!

With us, nothing stands in the way of the ultimate success of your event - because we offer you everything you need: spacious rooms, state-of-the-art AV and professional catering for every occasion. In addition, the Chrischona Berg has the ideal location. In the middle of nature and easily accessible. Whether Bern, Zurich, Lucerne or Basel - easily accessible from anywhere in Switzerland.

Congress Center

The congress center offers space not only for congresses, but rather also for seminars, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, fairs, a meeting or presentation. The conference hall and several multifunctional rooms for events from 10 to 1500 people enable events of all kinds - even hybrid - thanks to professional AV technology and translation systems.

Meeting Rooms

Besides the spacious congress hall, there are also conference rooms for a meeting or seminar with plenty of natural light in the congress center. They are ideal for meetings, presentations, seminars, conferences or as break-out rooms. In addition to various seating options and the necessary technical equipment, there are great catering offers. Design your event with us in line with your needs and wishes. Find out how to easily find the most suitable event location - rent a seminar room in Switzerland.

Eben-Ezer Hall

The historic Eben-Ezer Hall with its special ambience is the ideal location for various occasions, such as birthdays, parties, concerts, an anniversary or a wedding. A truly special banquet hall! Treat your guests to a flying dinner and live music.
Romantic wedding, party or a celebration with the family - the charming wooden hall is a special and versatile location. A very special event hall for parties of all kinds.


In addition, the in-house gym with modular equipment provides space for sporting and creative uses. Ideal for team sports or a workshop with different stations. Use this room for creative team building and group activities.

Outdoor Area

The Chrischona Berg also offers various outdoor areas that can be used for festivities. The site offers spacious lawns, a beautiful pond and a soccer field. Tents, party furniture and a toilet wagon can be rented and power lines can be provided for your event .

In case of bad weather, there are plenty of alternative options. Here we are prepared for all eventualities.


With its relaxed atmosphere, the Foodnote Coffeehouse invites you to linger, e.g. in the form of a celebration or a small concert. The barista machine ensures enjoyable coffee moments. Also suitable for a Christmas party in a cozy coffeehouse atmosphere.


For events lasting several days, there is also the option of booking hotel rooms directly on the mountain. In addition, the Chrischona Berg is easily accessible, offers sufficient parking and is located about 8 km from the city of Basel. Ideal accommodation for your event.

From a single source

At Chrischona Berg you can not only book the right location for your event. Here you get the all-round carefree package for your event with catering, technology, equipment and supporting program. One location for all details Create experiences that will be remembered.

Our catering partner provides a large selection of delicacies. From aperitif, coffee and cooking together to a 5-course dinner, everything is possible. Our experienced chefs prepare culinary highlights and ensure that your guests are completely satisfied. Enjoy a varied cuisine!

Professional equipment and experienced technicians ensure that sound, light and image can be ideally integrated into your event. The necessary equipment and technical support can be booked for each room at Chrischona Berg. No matter how many people will be your guests, in our house you will find the appropriate setting and the necessary technology.

Book one of our locations in one of the most beautiful local recreation areas in Switzerland for your next project. Our team is always up to date and available for a personal consultation on the way to your unique event. Contact us by email or phone for more information if you are interested. The Chrischona Berg team will do their best to make event planning a pleasant experience. Get in touch today!

Chrischona Berg - the right event locations for all kinds of events.

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How to organize a successful event

The organization process of an event can be complex. Keep the necessary foresight with the support of our guide.

How do I start with the event planning?

Weddings, conferences, company events, presentations, exhibitions, concerts, meetings, staff parties, team events, birthdays or anniversaries.. Planning events always starts with setting out the framework first:

  • Date: when should the event take place? Is there a given time frame? Are holidays or public holidays nearby?
  • Topic/Theme of the event: what is the event about? A birthday party, jubilee or a wedding? Should there be an overriding theme to everything?
  • Objective of the event: what message should be communicated? Is the goal simply an entertaining celebration? Or would you like to raise awareness for a brand? Of course a combination of objectives is possible.
  • Event budget: is there a prescribed budget? What is the limit?
  • Guests: who will be a part of the event? How many guests will it be? Where do they come from? Are the participants friends, relatives, employees or customers?

How to define a budget for an event

First, divide the available budget for your event into the following areas:

  • Spaces / Locations: e.g. event hall, exhibition space, restaurant
  • Catering: e.g. lunch, dinner, aperitif, coffee and cake, breaks, drinks, bar
  • AV: equipment (stage, lighting, sound system, projector, screen,..) and support
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer: e.g. bus/shuttles, car rentals
  • Decoration: e.g. flowers, branding, signage
  • Marketing: e.g. advertising on social media, invitations,..
  • Program: e.g. speaker, host, musicians, fotographer, videographer

Tip: Divide the costs into fixed costs and variable costs. This means in costs that are independent of or dependent on the number of guests.

How do I find the right location?

Probably the most important decision when planning an event concerns the event location.

It is worth investing a some thought here. Many decisive factors depend on the location.

Depending on the requirements and wishes that arise from the thoughts at the start, an image or at least the needs that are placed on the event location are formed.

There are numerous event locations in Switzerland. In order to find the right fit for your occasion, these thoughts may help you navigate:

  • How many guests need to fit?
  • What are the requirements for the surroundings of the location?
  • What is the event program? How much space is needed? Is there a need for an event hall, a stage, a restaurant, an outdoor area or several rooms?
  • Where should it be located? What needs to be considered with regard to accessibility? Does it need to be close to an airport or train station? Where do they come from?
  • Should it be a location or event service provider?
  • Should catering be offered by the location itself?
  • What type of architecture is preferred?
  • What AV is needed or is available?

The choice of locations usually results in the remaining details of the framework.

How to invite to the event

It doesn't matter whether it's a public or private event. The guests or participants at your event need to be reached. 

For private events, employee parties or internal company events, send an invitation with the general information to the most important people as soon as possible. 

At public events such as congresses or exhibitions, advertise on the channels where you can best reach your target group. 

How to design the event program

The variety of options for running an event can be overwhelming. It's best to think about what goal you are pursuing with the event. Is it about more awareness, image, customer loyalty, a celebration, or a specific message/topic? What experiences should be offered?

Then you can plan the main and supporting program:

  • talks
  • music contributions
  • presentations
  • Breaks / catering: aperitif, coffee, number of courses

How do I find the right service providers for my event?

Now you know which service providers you need for your event. In general, the fewer service providers, the less effort there is for coordination and organization, since agreements can become complicated.

Ideally, when choosing the event locations, you have already decided on a place that covers many areas. At Chrischona Berg, it is particularly important to us to support you in planning your event and to offer you an all-round package. All from a single source.

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